Interview: Swati Ghate

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By Saritha Dhanraj

Q.What hopes did you have before this event and how far has it gone for you?
A. Well......I did not have much  hopes before playing this event. I thought I shouldn't lose a single game and that I must do well and have been doing well so far.

Q. Do you have a coach?
A. Earlier Arun Vaidya used to coach me. But for the last six months I have been working on my own.

Swati Ghate

Q. How long did you prepare for this event and with whom, person  or computer?
A. I used to prepare for four hours on an average basis. I work on my own using the computer and don't have a coach now.

Q. How do you see the result of the recent Anand-Kramnik match at Mainz?
A. Anands triumph didn't come as a surprise to me. I knew he would do it. But I didn't have much time to go through his games. I'm happy for Anand.

Q. What are your other interests besides chess?
A. Besides playing chess I like reading books, listening to music and cooking.

Q. Your favourite chess players?
A. Anand, Shirov and Kasparov.

Q. Which has been your career best achievement so far?
A. Laughs.....yet to achieve.

Q. Whats your ambition in the chess field?
A. To complete my IM title in two years and to go for higher titles in the succeeding years to come.

Q. When did you start playing chess?
A. At the age of eleven.

Q. How do you see the reduced four hour session in chess?
A.  Well..It makes no difference to me. I personally don't find it difficult because earlier when it used to be seven hours, i hardly played for five hours and I think other players can manage as well since every player prepares well these days and can play fast till the first twenty moves.

Q. Where are you heading next?
A. Asian Individual Championship in Chennai followed by Piloo Modi in Lucknow and some other tournaments abroad.

Q.Your message to the younger generation chess players?
A. Always don't play with the hope of winning. Enjoy the game and play.


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