Interview: Sriram Jha

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By Saritha Dhanraj  

Sriram Jha, winner of the 39th G.H.Rasoni National B Chess Championship spoke to Chess Mate in a brief chat before winning the tournament. Excerpts of the conversation:

Q.What hopes did you have before this event and how far has it gone for you?
A. Well.. I hope to qualify for the National 'A' by doing well here.  So far everything  is upto my expectation. I might win the National ' B ' title here in Nagpur.

Q. How long did you prepare for this event and with whom, person  or computer?
A. Actually speaking I did not prepare for this event. I played National 'A' very recently so my preparation for that event was useful in playing National ' B ' here in Nagpur.

Sriram Jha

Q. How many hours of chess do you practice?
A. Four hours on an average basis.

Q. How many National 'B' and  'A' have you played so far including this one?
A. I have played National 'A'  three times and National 'B ' seven times.

Q. How do you see the result of the recent Anand-Kramnik match at Mainz?
A. Anand proved himself, his victory did not come as a surprise to me I knew he would do it and he has done it convincingly.

Q. Your favourite chess player?
A. Anand Of course.

Q. Tell us how you learnt chess and your family?
A. My father taught me chess at the age of eleven. My younger sister anjana used to play chess but now she concentrates on her studies.

Q. Your source of information about chess?
A. Chess Mate is my source of information, I have been reading it for the last ten years and of course other web sites.

Q. Which has been your career best achievement so far and why?
A. As I said earlier I have hopes winning the National 'B' title. If I win the National 'B' title here in Nagpur then this will be my career best achievement so far.

Q. Who is your coach?
A. No..I don't have a coach.

Q. How do you view the reduced four hour session in chess?
A. Well..personally I like it but most of the players are finding it very difficult. May be they will get used to it slowly.

Q. Your ambition in life?
A. I take life as it comes. No ambitions.

Q. Where are you heading next?
A. Not decided as yet.

Q.  How do you see the chess scenario in India?
A. It's bright at the moment. Especially after Anand won the world title many people are learning chess thats already something to be appreciated.

Q. Your message to the younger generation chess players?
A. Do your best. The rest will follow.


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