Rating Tourney From Monday

By Manthan Chokshi

A FIDE-Rating Chess Tournament  starting from May 1-7 will be held at Sun N Step Club, Ahmedabad. It will be organised by the Fischer Chess Club under the aegis of the Gujarat State Chess Association. The tournament is a Round Robin format  with 15 players out of which six are rated players. Following are the rated players:

Nirav Rajasuba (2220 Elo)
Manthan Chokshi (2175 Elo)
Gaurang Mehta ( 2120 Elo)
Mayur Patel (2106 Elo)
C.N.Iyer (2090 Elo)
Arpi Shah (2065 Elo)

The tournament schedule will be two rounds daily. The tournament will also have young upcoming players from Gujarat  so that they would get a chance to improve their game and if possible get International Rating. Follow the results:

Round 1-2
Round 3-4
Round 5-6
Round 7-8
Round 9-10
Round 11-12
Round 13-14
Round 15
Round Up, Manthan Chokshi Triumphs

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