June 14th Report
R.B Ramesh emerged winner of the LML National rapid chess championship held at Jalandhar.The top seed dismissed Santosh Kumar Sinha and Manoj Mishra in the 9th and 10th rounds and clinched the title with 10 points after accepting a draw against Kiran Pandit Rao in the 11th and final round..

    Dinesh Kumar Sharma beat  Varugeese Koshy of  PSCB  in the final round to emerge runner up  with nine points. Koshy had the upper hand for most part of the match but Dinesh turned the tables in the dying moments of the game.

   There was a three-way tie for the third place. After the progressive score was taken Suvrajit Saha (Railways),  Yogesh Gore (MP) and Pandit Rao finished  third, fourth and fifth.

Position Name Points Progressive score Prize money in rupees
1 R.B. Ramesh 10 61.5 22,000
2 Dinesh Kumar  9 54 16,000
3 Suvarjit Saha 8 54 11,000
4 Yogesh Gore 8 51.5 8,000
5 Kiran Panditrao 8 47 6,000
6 N.SudhakarBabu 7.5 50.5 4,500
7 Varugeese Koshy 7.5 48 3,500
8 Vishal Sareen 7.5 46 3,000
9 S.Satyapragyan  7.5 43.5 2,000
10 Manoj Mishra 7.5 43 1,000


Final round :
S.No Player1     Player2
1 Kiran Panditrao drew with R.B.Ramesh
2 Dinesh Kumar Sharma beat Verghese Koshy
3 Yogesh Gore drew with Suvarjit Saha 
4 N.Sudhakar Babu drew with Vishal Sareen
5 Chandrashekhar Gokhale drew with S.Satyapragyan
6 Manoj Mishra beat R.R.Laxman
7 Laltu Chatterjee drew with Sashi Kant Kutwal
8 Santosh Sinha drew with P.Konguvel
9 Sriram Jha beat Vedant Goswami
10 Shankar Roy beat Rashmin Pulekar

Tenth round :
S.No  Player1   Player2 
1 R.B.Ramesh beat Manoj Mishra
2 Suvrajit Saha drew with Dinesh Kumar Sharma
3 Varugeese Koshy beat Santosh Sinha
4 Kiran Panditrao beat Sashi Kant Kutwal
5 Yogesh Gore beat Shankar Roy
6 Vishal Sareen beat B.T.Muralikrishnan
7 N.Sudhakar Babu beat  G.B.Joshi
8 S.Satyapragyan beat Shankar Roy
9 Chandrashekhar Gokhale beat Vikas Sharma
10 R.R.Laxman beat Rajesh Diwan
Ninth round :
S.No Player1     Player2
1 Santosh Sinha lost to R.B.Ramesh
2 Dinesh Kumar Sharma beat  Sashi Kant Kutwal
3 Shankar Roy lost to Suvrajit Saha
4 Kiran Panditrao drew with Vishal Sareen
5 Varugeese Koshy beat R.R.Laxman
6 Manoj Mishra beat Chandrashekhar Gokhale
7 Yogesh Gore beat Sushant Banerjee
8 G.B.Joshi beat P.Konguvel
9 Sriram Jha lost to B.T.Muralikrishnan
10 Shankar Roy beat Vinod K Bhagwat

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