38th National 'B', Jamshedpur

Follow Chess Mate's coverage of the event from Jamshedpur:

Follow the National `B' in Jamshedpur, also called in Tamil as the `Thiruvizha' or in English Festival. Only twelve qualifiers advance and there is a big struggle. The event runs from Oct 9-23 as the dirty dozen is picked for the next National 'A'.

Preview:           Mega Event With 250 Players
Round One:     Rahul Shetty, Sharad Tilak Suffer Defeats
Round Two:     Day Of Upsets
Round Three:  Draws Dominate Top Boards
Round Four:    Neelotpal Das, Vishal Sareen Share Lead
Round Five:    Neelotpal Das Emerges Sole Leader
Round Six:      Atanu Lahiri Moves To Second Place
Round Seven: Lahiri Defeats Neelotpal Das For Lead
October 17 : Free day
Round Eight:  Tejas Turns The Tables On Lahiri
Round Nine:   Bakre Marches Ahead
Round Ten  :   Saptarshi Upsets Atanu Lahiri
Round Eleven:Visweswaran Defeats Koshy
Round Twelve:Prakash Tames Saptarshi
Last Round:    Bakre Champion

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