Interview:  Guruswamy Balagurunathan Prakash

"Get Married & Continue"

Advices new GM-elect Prakash to IMs in an exclusive interview to Saritha Dhanraj

India Bank's biggest chess star and India's sixth GM G.B.Prakash is a delighted person. He is Chennai's third grandmaster. The wait for the 2500 Elo should be a mere technicality for this small-made person who achieved his career big result this year.

Excerpts from the conversation had at Aaron Chess Academy in Chennai on March 12.

Q. How did you feel becoming a GM?
A. Indeed felt very happy becoming a GM.  Any chess player's ambition will be to  complete the GM title and the same with me and it worked. When I completed my third GM norm I beleived  god existed.

Q. Congratulations for becoming the first Telugu speaking Grand Master. How far is 2500 Elo now?
A. Thanks. I still have 23 points to complete my 2500 Elo. I hopefully  will complete 2500 Elo by the end of this year.

Q. What's so special about Goodricke. You are making all the norms there?
A. Nothing special about Goodricke but then that is the only tournament I am able to play. Playing tournaments abroad is quite expensiveand I am unable to go abroad and play there. So the choice for me playing tournaments is restricted outside the country.  Goodricke conducts tournaments every year and  I'm happy that I am able to  participate and utilise the opportunities as and when they arise.

Q. Is your new computer the reason for these results?
A. I have been using the computer to play chess for quite sometime but I  think using the computer is not the only reason for good results. Can be one of the reasons.

Q. Which was your best game at Kolkata and why?
A. Well... my best game at Kolkata was against Komarov. I consider this game as my best game because I completed my third GM norm there.

Q. Did early marriages help your career? What's your advice for brother Ramesh and other IM's?
A. Laughs. Early marriages did help my career because when you are married you have a good company and are almost settled. When you are settled you are not mentally disturbed. My advice to my brother Ramesh and other IM's is also the same: get married and continue your career you will definitely do well. No two ways about it.

Q. Does Indian Bank support you? Does fear of closure due to losses worry you?
A. Yes. Indian Bank supports me in every possible way.  Initially fear of closure due to losses worried me but now they are giving it only a second thought. I dont think they will close.

Q. What is your next ambition now?
A. To complete 2500 Elo by 2001 and to reach the super category ( 2600 Elo ). Only these for now.

Q. Do you agree to the complaint that there are more children events and less of open events in the country?
A. Yes.. but then there is no hard and fast rule that there should only be more children events and less of open events. Less or more of something is immaterial and doesn't matter at all. If there is something which will help the players benefit like for example if children play in open event's exposure to tough opponents will be there which will help them to think,  play and improve. And playing with tough or stronger opponents helps. So more open events will be useful.

Q. How many hours of chess you practice?
A. I play chess five hours a day.

Q. Is Karpov is still your favourite player? What is your opinion on Anand and Kramnik?
A. Karpov and Anand are my favourite players. Anyday.  My opinion on the  two new world champion's Anand and Kramnik is that they are both  talented and  gifted players  that the chess world has ever seen over the years. Kramnik  is a strong player. He believed he could beat Kasparov and has proved it.

Q. Rank your most memorable events and say why you like them?
A. Both Pentamedia 2000 and Goodricke2001 were my most memorable events.  Because in these two events I was able to make GM norms that is why I consider these as my most memorable events.

Q. Will you put your kids in chess? Is there good money in chess for you?
A. Frankly speaking I would like to consult an astrologer as far as my children's career are concerned. I haven't thought of putting them in chess as yet.  May be I will.

Q. How was it in Dhaka last month? Did you like Bangladesh. Did you get any offers to play league games there?
A. Dhaka was okay. I did not perform well there. I played very badly. I did get offers to play league games there infact people met me but nothing was decided. If I'm satisfied with the monetary terms I dont mind playing league games there.

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