No Rings Please!

Exhibition Games End In Draw

By Arvind Aaron, Chennai

Pic: Cathy Rogers, Sydney.
FIDE made a sustained effort to attract attention at the Olympic Village on Sunday through an Exhibition Match between World Class players Viswanathan Anand and Alexei Shirov who now represents Spain. Both games were drawn and Shirov was a little impressive. Anand arrived on Saturday evening from Chennai and Shirov only six hours before his game and were tired. The simultaneous display by the 14-year old Australian IM Zhao Zong Yuan attracted more spectators. The IOC has not given any confirmation to include chess in the future games but chess officials are enthusiastic of the same. IOC and FIDE are head quartered at Lausanne. These exhibitions are not new. G.Kasparov gave a simultaneous at Barcelona 1992. Anand is planning to watch the India versus Poland hockey match on Tuesday before returning to Chennai on Sep 28. No Rings Please! 

This match did not find the famous Olympic Rings which feature all other sport. GM Ian Rogers from Sydney says, "the IOC had forbidden the organisers from using them and the organisers were also forced to change their web site when it included some Olympic rings! Maybe this is the best indication of the status of chess in the IOC." 


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