India's second best player GM Dibyendu Barua will face World No.1 Garry Kasparov of Russia in the Online Tournament organised by the Club Kasparov. The online event features 16-players and it is a two-game knock out. Games will be played with one hour each on the clock per player.


The pairings (and results):
P.Svidler (Russia, from St.Petersburg)-N.De Firmian (USA, from Denmark)          1.5-0.5
M.Adams (England, from Bermuda)-Boris Gulko (USA)                                        1.5-0.5.
Jeroen Piket (Holland, from Leiden)-Yasser Seirawan (USA, from Bermuda)        1.5-0.5
L.Van Wely (Holland, from Tilburg)-I.Sokolov (Bosnia, from Holland)                    1.5-0.5
Alexander Morozevich (Russia)-Gilberto Milos (Brazil)                                        2.0-0.0
Garry Kasparov (Russia, from Moscow)-Dibyendu Barua (India, Calcutta)           2.0-0.0*
Utut Adianto (Indonesia)-Nigel Short (England, from Greece)                                 1.0-1.0, 0.5-1.5
DEEP JUNIOR (Israel)-Miguel Cordoba Illescas (Spain from Barcelona)             2.0-0.0

IM Lanka Ravi

*See comments to this Barua-Kasparov maiden encounter by International Master Lanka Ravi.
Game 1: Barua goes down fighting
Game 2: Kasparov wraps it up