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Imported Books Now Available With Chess Mate

Archangel And New Archangel Two Dynamic Systems To Counter The Ruy Lopez 
Chess Brilliancy 250 Historic Games From The Masters by Iakov Damsky Rs.1075
Chess Choice Challenge 2 by Chris Ward Rs.805
Chess Endings by Yuri Averbakh Rs.635
Chess Exam & Training Guide by Igor Khmelnitsky Rs1375
Chess Tactics by Paul Littlewood Rs.952
Easy Guide To Chess by B.H.Wood Rs.603
Easy Guide To The Classical Sicilian by Jouni Yrjola Rs.931
Easy Guide To The Dragon by Mikhail Golubev Rs.904
Easy Guide To The Sicilian Sveshnikov by Jacob Aagaard Rs.977
Fianchetto Grunfeld by Alexander Beliavsky, Adrian Mikhalchishin Rs.931
Fischer World Champion by Max Euwe & Jan Timman Rs.1250
French Defence, Teach Yourself Openings by Alexander Kalinin Rs.840
John Nunn's Best Games by John Nunn Rs.1310
Jon Speelman's Best Games by Jon Speelman Rs.1170
Khalifman Life & Games by Gennady Nesis Rs.1223
Open Ruy Lopez by Glenn Flear Rs.847
Petroff Defence by A.Raetsky & M.Chetverik Rs.847
Queen's Gambit Declined: Bg5 Systems by Bogdan Lalic Rs.861
Secrets Of Opening Surprises by Jeroen Bosch Rs.1284
Sicilian Kalashnikov by J.Pinski & J.Aagaard Rs.847
Starting Out: Alekhine's Defence by John Cox Rs.959
Starting Out: Minor Piece Endings by John Emms Rs.762
Starting Out: Rook Endings by Chris Ward Rs.805
Starting Out: The Dutch Defence by Neil McDonald Rs.805
Starting Out: The Queen's Gambit by John Shaw Rs.720
The Grunfeld Defence Reversed by Michael Khodarkovsky Rs.1392
The Magic Of Mikhail Tal by Joe Gallagher Rs.1060
The Queen's Gambit Accepted by Chris Ward Rs.932
Timman's Selected Games by Jan Timman Rs.1006
World Chess Championship Anand v Kasparov Rs.920

Batsford Books Printed In India

1 Attack and Defence by Mark Dvoretsky & Artur Yusupov Rs.250
2 Batsford Chess Puzzles by Leonard Barden Rs.150
3 Chess The Complete Self-Tutor by Edward Lasker Rs.152
4 Chess Tactics by Paul Littlewood Rs.125
5 Chess Strategy by Eduard Gufeld and Nikolai Kalinichenko Rs.225
6 Find The Checkmate by Gray Lane Rs.150
7 Find Winning Move by Gray Lane Rs.140
8 Ideas Behind Modern Chess Openings by Gray Lane Rs.150
9 I Play Against Pieces by Sevtozar Gligoric Rs.250
10 Imagination in Chess by Paata Gaprindashvili Rs.250
12 Learn From Your Chess Mistakes by Chris Baker Rs.125
13 Mastering Checkmates by Neil Mc Donald Rs.150
14 Modern Endgame Practice by Beliavsky & Mikhalchishn Rs.175
15 Practical Chess Psychology by Amatzia Avni Rs.140
16 Popular Chess Variants by D.B.Pritchard Rs.125
17 Starting Chess by A.J.Gillam Rs.150
18 Simple Chess Tactics and Chackmates by A.J.Gillam Rs.140
19 Secrets of Grandmaster Chess by John Nunn Rs.275
20 The Power Chess Program by Nigel Davies Rs.195
21 The Chess Player"s Battle Manual by Nigel Davies Rs.175
22 Tactical Chess Endings by John Nunn Rs.185
23 Winning Endgame Strategy by Alexander Beliavsky, Adrian Mikhalchishin Rs.175
24 Winning Pawn Structures by Alexander Baburin Rs.225

Everyman Books Printed in India

Opening Books
An opening repertoire for the Positional Player by Eduard Gufeld & Nikolai Kalinichenko Rs.240
Catastrophe In the Opening by James Plaskett Rs.260
Easy guide to the Najdorf by Tony Kosten Rs.220
Easy guide to the Sicilian Scheveningen by Steffen Pedersen Rs.220
Nimzo - Indian Kasparov Variation by Chirs Ward Rs. 260
Nunn's Chess Openings by John Nunn, Graham Burgess, John Emms, Joe Gallagher Rs. 350 
Nimzo Indian rubinstein by Angus Dunnington Rs.260
Open Ruy Lopez by Glenn Flear Rs.260
Play the Najdorf scheveningen style by John Emms Rs.260
Petroff defence by A.Raetsky & M. Chetverik Rs.260
Queen's Indian defence by Jacob Aagaard Rs.260
Queen's Gambit Declined 5 Bf4! by Colin Crouch Rs.260
Queen's Gambit Declined Bg5 Systems by Bogdan Lalic Rs.260
Sicilian Kalashnikov by Jan Pinski & Jacob Aagaard Rs.260
Sicilian Kan by John Emms Rs.260
Winning Chess Openings by Yasser Seirawan (International Grand Master) Rs.300

Middle Game 
Attacking the King by J.N. Walker Rs.220
Blunders and How to Avoid them by Angus Dunnington Rs.260
Concise Chess Middlegames by Neil Mcdonald Rs.220
Play winning Chess by Yasser Seirawan with Jeremy Silman Rs.300
Winning Chess Strategies by Yasser Seirawan with Jeremy Silman Rs.300
Improve your middlegame play by Andrew Kinsman Rs.200 

Endgame Books
Mastering the Endgame by Glenn Flear Rs.260
Practical Endgame Tips by Edmar Mednis Rs.240
Test your Endgame thinking by Glenn Flear Rs.260
Winning Chess Endings by Yasser Seirawan Rs.300
Concise Chess Endings by Neil Mcdonald Rs.220

Life & Games Books
Alexander Alekhine Master of Attack by Alexander Raetsky & Maxim Chetverik Rs.270

Miscellaneous Books
Chess Psychology by Angus Dunnington Rs.260 

Puzzle / Tactics Books
Winning Chess Combinations by Yasser Seirawan Rs.300
Winning Chess Tactics by Yasser Seirawan with Jeremy Silman Rs.300 

Printed In India

Chess Mate, Chennai

01. Begin Chess by IM Manuel Aaron 258 pages. Complete book for a beginner. Excellent value for the chess trainer and trainee alike. Published by Chess Mate. Recommended by Chess Mate. Rs.300.

02. 27th Chess Olympiad, Dubai 1986 by Manuel Aaron. An interesting overview of the Chess Olympiad with details of various rounds held. 160 pages. Rs.35.

03. Pocket Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings by Eduard Gufeld and Nikolai Kalinichenko 201 pages. Rs.195

Back Issues Of Chess Mate magazine and Hard Bound are available. Please enquire the availability as we have few in stock.

Overseas Books by Publishers

Chess Informant, Belgrade

01. Anthology of Chess Combinations 423 pages. Rs.1425
02. Encyclopaedia Of Minor-Piece Endings 563 pages Rs.1612. 

Chess Agency Caissa, Prague

English Opening A29 With 1.c4 e5 where black breaks with ...d5 in 402 pages, 1692 games Rs.890
English Opening A33 The symmetrical variation with 1.c4 c4 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 e6 5.Nc3 Nc6 1460 games in 376 pages Rs.890
Volga Gambit (Benko Gambit) A57 3 Rs.890
Volga Gambit A58 Rs.890
Dutch Defence A91-95 Covers 1.d4 f5 2.c4 Nf6 3.g3 e6 4.Bg2 1758 games in 392 pages. Rs.890
Alekhine Defence B02 Rs.890
Alekhine Defence B04 Rs.890
Pirc Defence B09-1 systems with Bd3, Be2 Rs.890
Pirc Defence B09-2 systems without Bd3, Be2 Rs.890
Sicilian Defence: Smith Morra Gambit B21-22 Rs.890
Sicilian Defence: Smith Morra Gambit Declined B21-22 Rs.890
Sicilian Defence B33-1 (Sveshnikov/Pelikan without Nd5 and Bxf6) 371 pages, 1528 games Rs.890
Sicilian Defence B33-2 (Sveshnikov/Pelikan with 5 Nc3 e5 6 Ndb5 d6 7 Bg5 a6 8 Na3 b5 9 Nd5) 366 pages Rs.890
Sicilian Defence B33-3 (Sveshnikov/Pelikan with Bxf6) 1642 games in 381 pages Rs.890
Sicilian Defence Richter-Rauser B66 Rs.890
Sicilian Defence B90 Rs.890
French Defence C19 Winawer variation with Nf3 1625 games Rs.890
French Defence C19 Winawer variation without Nf3 1532 games Rs.890
King's Gambit C30 Rs.890
King's Gambit C31 Rs.890
King's Gambit C33 Rs.890
King's Gambit C34 Rs.890
King's Gambit C35-36 Rs.890
King's Gambit C37-39 Rs.890
Petroff's Defence C42 1 3.Ne5, 4 Nf3 2051 games Rs.890
Petroff's Defence C42 without 3 Ne5 430 pages Rs.890
Four Knight's Game C47-49 Rs.890
Ruy Lopez C63 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 f5 392 pages Rs.890
Ruy Lopez Exchange Variation C68-69 1 Rs.890
Ruy Lopez Exchange Variation C68-69 2 Rs.890
Ruy Lopez Marshall Attack C89 1425 games Rs.890
Queen's Gambit D16-17 1.d4 d5 2 c4 c6 3 Nf3 Nf6 4 Nc3 dxc4 5 a4 1700 games Rs.890
Queen's Gambit D30 400 pages Rs.890
Queen's Gambit D31 Rs.890
Queen's Gambit D37-1 4...Be7 5 Bf4 0-0 6 e3 c5 and c6 1506 games Rs.890
Queen's Gambit D37-2 Rs.890
Queen's Gambit D38-39 Rs.890
Queen's Gambit D44 Rs.890
Grunfeld Defence D90-92 Rs.890
Catalan Opening E00-03 Rs.890
Queen's Indian Defence E12 1562 games Rs.890
Queen's Indian Defence E16 Rs.890
King's Indian Defence E64-65 g3 systems Rs.890
King's Indian Defence E92 5 Nf3 0-0 6 Be2 e5 1702 games Rs.890

Encyclopaedia Of Endings

Knight Endings-1 Knight and Pawn endings 393 pages Rs.890
Knight Endings-2 without Knight v Knight 397 pages Rs.890
Bishop Endings-1 Bishop and Pawn endings 386 pages Rs.890
Bishop Endings-2 Opposite coloured bishop ending Rs.890
Bishop Endings-3 Two bishops v two bishops Rs.890
Bishop Endings-4 Bishop v Knight The verdict! Rs.890
Pawn Endings 388 pages Rs.890
Rook Endings-1 Rook ending with pawns 398 pages Rs.890
Rook Endings-2 Two rooks v two rooks in 397 pages Rs.890
Queen Endings Four illustrations per page in 368 pages Rs.890


Chess Mate stocks all software from Chess Base and Chess Assistant. For details and price please visit and Once you decide what you want call us and will help you with the availability or else will procure it for you within 14 working days. Price of Fritz11 and Rybka3 (from Chess Base) are Rs.3400 and you can play on for one year. Rybka3 from Chess Assistant costs Rs.2604 but you cant play on the Internet for one year like in the other Rybka3 from Chess Base. Plenty of software are readily available. CHESS BASE 10. STARTER PACKAGE is available for Rs.10,850.



01. The Chess Course by Praful B.Zaveri. Hard bound, large size. 204 pages. Excellent tutor value. Rs.300. 
02. Chess At The Top by Arun Chess Books 64 games played by grandmasters in 32 pages. Rs.50
03. Sicilian Defence 1001 Games by K.R.Seshadri. Raw games.170 pages. Rs.120. 
04. Decoying by K.R.Seshadri. 120 exercises, 64 pages. Rs.45. 
05. Giuoco Piano by K.R.Seshadri. 80 games with 43 games with comments. 48 pages. Rs.35. 
06. Lessons In Chess Strategy by K.R.Seshadri. 78 exercises to solve, 64 pages. Rs.45. 
07. Grunfeld Defence by K.R.Seshadri. 91 games, 24 games with comments. 48 pages. Rs.35.
08. Nimzo Indian Defence by K.R.Seshadri . 80 games, 34 of them with analysis. 56 pages. Rs.35.
09. Back Rank Weakness. Compiled by K.R.Seshadri. 72 games with format. 48 pages. Rs.35. 
10. Scotch Opening by K.R.Seshadri. 108 games, many with analysis translated from Russian.56 pages. Rs.40.
11. Opening Traps And Pitfalls In the French Defence by K.R.Seshadri. 100 games with notes. 48 pages. Rs.35. 
12. Zee Boom Bah by K.Murali Mohan. 300 Chess fantasies. 225 pages. Rs.160.
13. Tactical Weapons of World Champions by K.Murali Mohan. 164 pages. Rs.160. 
14. Opening Traps & Pitfalls by K.R.Seshadri pages 103 Rs.80
15. Endless Endings by K.Murali Mohan. Numerous examples for various types of endings.145 pages. Rs.150.
16. Fianchetto vs Fianchetto by K.R.Seshadri . 64 examples with notes, 32 pages. Rs.25.
17. Slav Defence - Theory and Games . Notes and analysis Translated from Russian, 80 illustrations, 48 pages . Rs. 35.
18. Bishop Endings by K.R.Seshadri . 60 positions, 20 pages . Rs.15.
19. Important Rook Endings by IM Raja Ravi Sekhar. 115 pages. Rs.80.
20. Basic Chess Knowledge by K.R.Seshadri 31 pages Rs.15
21. Mate By Minor Pieces by K.R.Seshadri. Tells how to exploit the weakness using the minor pieces. 48 pages. Rs.35.
22. Contemporary Chess Combinations by K.R.Seshadri. Contains various combinations compiled from Russian Chess magazines. 26 pages. Rs.20
23. Diagonal Weakness by K.R.Seshadri. 81 games, 45 pages. Rs.35.
24. Opening Traps and Pitfalls in Two Knights Defence, Three Knights Opening and Four Knights Game by K.R.Seshadri. 88 games with notes, 48 pages. Rs.35.
25. Philidor's Defence by K.R.Seshadri 50 games with comments and analysis 32 pages Rs.35
26. Winning Chess Themes and Tactics by V.Subramanian Rs.150
27. Kamikaze! by K.Murali Mohan Rs.140.
28. Basic Endgame Knowledge by K.R. Seshadri pages 75 Rs.55
29. Lessons in Chess Strategy (Hindi) by K.R.Seshadri pages 64 Rs.40
30. Diagonal Weakness (Hindi) by K.R.Seshadri pages 47 Rs.35
31. Back Rank Weakness (Hindi) by K.R.Seshadri pages 48 Rs.35 
32. Kamikaze! by K.Murali Mohan. Capa Chess Books. Rs.140



Standard Chess Set Made to the design of Chess Mate. Green coloured rexine board. Rs.250. Add Rs.70 extra for a Pouch.

DEMONSTRATION BOARD is used to teach children or in places of chess coaching. Chess Aides distributes one of them:

REXINE MAGNETIC DEMO BOARD with 7 cms per square with a nice kit bag. Rs.2200 Portable on a 2-wheeler.

CHESS CLOCKS are always in demand in India. There are two kinds of them:

DIGITAL CHESS CLOCK. Chinese make. Large size. Rs.3050. Forwarding Rs.100 extra.

BHB Turnier Manual Rs.3500 In stock sometimes. Check on the phone with 0-9840053199 before remitting.

DGT XL FIDE approved clock Rs.5600. It comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. Forwarding charges are Rs.100 per clock. We recommend insurance for some locations.

FORWARDING CHARGES: Chess Mate normally charges actual forwarding charges and credits the balance to a customer account. For a single book it is Rs.36 extra, for biggers single books like ECO it takes about Rs.68. For chess sets Rs.52 extra, for chess clocks Rs.100 extra. For demonstration boards, Rs.300 extra for most of India and Rs.500 extra for Rajasthan, J&K, North-East India. We also do air cargo but at customer cost. Subscriptions and software include delivery price. Allow 10 days for delivery of your products or call our office prior to remitting. Chess Mate magazine is posted on 20/21 of each month. Expect to receive around 25/27. Send your request for copy if not received by 5th of the next month.


At our office premises we accept Cash, cheques (from subscribers), bank drafts, and at par cheques,  all major Credit Cards: Amex, Master, Visa. Bank transfers to our Accounts are possible: 

Indian Bank  A/c 439640512, Name: CHESS MATE. Branch Chennai, Adyar

HDFC Bank A/c 00102000000194, Name: CHESS MATE. Branch Chennai Shastrinagar

We also do VPP sales till Rs.2,000 value. You can also shop from the convenience of your home through our website using your credit card. Visit

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