Braingames Announce New Cycle

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By Arvind Aaron

Braingames announced their new world chess championship cycle for 2002 with the staging of the Candidates Tournament in July 2002 at Dortmund. In the eight player event, Anand and Kramnik have been given seeding to the last eight while the next four will be decided by rating lists and the last two would be chosen by an event held on the internet.

It will be held as a four player Group A and Group B double round robin event. The semi-finals will be best of two affairs while the finals will be a best of four. The winner will challenge Vladimir Kramnik for a prize fund which will be less than two million dollars and likely be at Bahrain in October 2002.

GM Raymond Keene announced this at the press conference at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza at Dortmund on July 15. The prize fund for the qualifier will be $200,000 and each player will also receive 30,000 Marks from the Dortmund organisers. Ray Keene said the deal will involve holding the world chess championship in Dortmund in 2004.

The finals will be a 16-game affair. Germany will have a chance to witness a world championship in 2004 for the first time since 1935 said Keene. Kramnik said his role in the episode was to make the Braingames people and Dortmund organisers meet. He said he did not see any reason why top players should not play in this event.

By this cycle, it means the hope of a re-match to Kasparov and a reunification match against Anand are permamently squashed, said Kramnik. It is unlikely that Anand and Kasparov will accept to play in this cycle.


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