Bournvita Inter-School Chess Tournament 2000
                                    By Praful Zaveri in Mumbai

October     30, 2000 Day One      Festival  Of  Lights  Heralds  Record Entries
October     31, 2000 Day Two      Gayatri  Velu Stuns Mugdha Variyar
November 01, 2000 Day Three   Sole Leader Spotted
November 02, 2000 Day Four     Akash, Purva & Sudarshan Takes Lead
November 03, 2000 Day Five       Sneha,  Purva  Crowned As Champions
November 04, 2000 Day Six        Sudarshan, Akash Bournvita Champion
November 05, 2000 Day Seven   Parag & Tanvi Shocked
November 06, 2000 Day Eight    Rated Players Struggles, Anand Sundar Takes Lead
November 07, 2000 Day Nine     Chess Festival Heads For A Close Finish
November 08, 2000 Day Ten      Priyanka And Gayatri Crowned Champions
November 09, 2000 Final Day    Vaibhav Saxena Breaks The Jinx

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