Anand Brilliant In Defence

Topalov Joins Kramnik In Lead

By Arvind Aaron

Anand and Kramnik play blindfold chess.

Vladimir Kramnik missed a possible chance to defeat Viswanathan Anand. Anand's brilliant defence stood like a mountain in the way to Kramnik's win. The rook ending they played in round ten, rapid session is a must-see thriller. Later, in the blindfold game, Anand made a draw with white for a 1-1 result. Topalov who joined Kramnik in the lead beat Leko in an opposite colour bishop ending after the latter missed drawing chances while short of time. Ljubojevic shocked a confident Shirov to recover. Rest of the games were drawn without much interest.

Topalov (right) and Leko battling it out on Wednesday.

Kramnik and Topalov have 14 points. Topalov plays Ljubojevic and Kramnik takes on Leko. It should favour Topalov for the first ever triumph in Monte Carlo.

The results (tenth round)
Rapid                               Blindfold

Piket-Ivanchuk            Draw      Ivanchuk-Piket         Draw
Van Wely-Karpov           Draw      Karpov-Van Wely        Draw
Almasi-Gelfand            Draw      Gelfand-Almasi         Draw
Topalov-Leko              Draw      Leko-Topalov           0-1
Shirov-Ljubojevic         0-1       Ljubojevic-Shirov      Draw
Kramnik-Anand             Draw      Anand-Kramnik          Draw

Standings: 1-2 Kramnik, Topalov 14/20, 3 Anand 12.5, 4 Shirov 10.5, 5 Leko 10, 6 Piket 9.5, 7 Gelfand 9, 8-9 Almasi, Ljubojevic 8.5 each, 10-11  Ivanchuk, Karpov 8 each, 12  Van Wely 7.5.

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