Topalov Blanks Karpov 2-0, In The Van

By Arvind Aaron

Veselin Topalov joined the leaders with a repeat 2-0 of last year over Anatoly Karpov. He won both games by dominating. In the second one it was easy with Karpov trying to rebound and paying for it. Anand played brilliantly to trounce Van Wely while Kramnik showed class in beating Ivanchuk to keep their top places.

Anand and Kramnik lead the combined section together with Topalov and the rapid section by themself. Topalov leads the blindfold and is also undefeated. "It's going very well", Topalov said. Leko bounced back to win an opposite colour bishop ending to draw Almasi 1-1 in the match between the two new comers.

The results (eighth round)
Rapid                               Blindfold

Shirov-Gelfand           Draw       Gelfand-Shirov            0-1
Kramnik-Ivanchuk         1-0        Ivanchuk-Kramnik          Draw
Topalov-Karpov           1-0        Karpov-Topalov            1-0
Van Wely-Anand           Draw       Anand-Van Wely            1-0
Almasi-Leko              1-0        Leko-Almasi               1-0
Piket-Ljubojevic         1-0        Ljubojevic-Piket          Draw

Standings: 1-3 Anand, Kramnik, Topalov 11/16, 4 Leko 9, 5 Shirov 8.5, 6 Piket 8, 7 Ljubojevic 7, 8-9 Almasi, Gelfand 6.5 each, 10-11 Ivanchuk, Karpov 6 each, 12 Van Wely 5.5.

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