Anand Beats Piket, In Sole Lead

By Arvind Aaron

World champion Viswanathan Anand maintained his winning consistency effecting a 1.5-0.5 victory over Jeroen Piket. He won the blindfold game after picking up a pawn on the queen side with his bishop. The rapid game was a draw with Anand doing the defensive act for which he has become now known for after speed.

The other overnight leaders, Kramnik and Topalov were locked in hard battles scoring 1-1. Karpov held Kramnik to a 1-1 draw while Topalov was even lucky not to lose to Gelfand in the second encounter. Draws dominated this sixth round of the $193,250 event. Only three games were decisive out of the 12 that were played.

The results
Rapid                               Blindfold
Kramnik-Karpov            Draw      Karpov-Kramnik         Draw
Topalov-Gelfand           Draw      Topalov-Gelfand        Draw
Shirov-Ivanchuk           Draw      Ivanchuk-Shirov        Draw
Almasi-Ljubojevic         0-1       Ljubojevic-Almasi      0-1
Van Wely-Leko             Draw      Leko-Van Wely          Draw
Piket-Anand                                 Draw           Anand-Piket                           1-0

Standings: 1 Anand 8.5/12, 2-3 Kramnik, Topalov 8, 4 Leko 7, 5-9 Gelfand, Karpov, Ljubojevic, Piket, Shirov 5.5, 10-11 Almasi, Ivanchuk 4.5, 12 Van Wely 4.

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