Leon, Spain
Advanced Chess Tournament

Winner Viswanathan Anand receives the typical lion trophy from the Consul for Sports.

What's it? Here a chess player uses a computer to support his play. He gets a 1000 MHz speed processor Athlon AMD Kryotech Computer with a 10 GB hard disk, 512 MB of memory hard ware. But enhances the playing level and produces near blunder-free quality of play. No advantage to any of the players as both get identical hardware and choice of software.

The software? Players get to use Chess Base 7.0 programme to enter their moves and a choice of four analysis engines: Fritz6, Junior6, Hiarcs7.32 and Nimzo. The memory free for usage of software is 418MB out of which the default given by the software experts is 64 MB. Players could use dual engines too but it slows down the value of one.

Has is being played before? Yes. The first one: In 1998 Garry Kasparov invented this idea and played a match here against Veselin Topalov. It ended in a 3-3 tie and then Kasparov won the tie-break barely to win the match. The second one: Viswanathan Anand was too strong for Anatoly Karpov in 1999 beating the FIDE World Champion 5-1 with ease. The third one: The ongoing event is a tournament, now a match as before. It has four players. Miguel Illescas versus Alexei Shirov and Vishy Anand versus Judit Polgar. It is played with a 60-minute a player time control. It is a two-game match scheduled for June 1-4.

Apart from finding the winner, the theme is to produce a new unseen quality of games. The venue is Leon, Spain. It is sponsored by the City of Leon and by a few companies like Chess Base, Morgan Stanley, University of Leon, Iberia Airlines, etc.

Day One A.Shirov versus M.Illescas
Day Two V.Anand versus Judit Polgar
Day Three V.Anand versus A.Shirov

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